Let's Talk Process

It's Not "just talking"

A great podcast comes from purpose and preparation.  That's why we spend weeks doing all of the essential work for a strong foundation. Things like defining your goals, your core audience, the central spirit of the show, and how to do the best season of it.

The Importance of Pilots

Bands practice before they perform, so do we! That's why we work with you on developing a pilot episode. That way we can evaluate it and make any necessary tweaks before making it public and committing to a full season. You'll be so glad you did it!

We Love Seasons

There's a ton of work that goes into podcasting. At minimum you have to do planning, scheduling, recording, editing, mastering, uploading, and posting. It's a lot, and it can quickly lead to burnout for your team and your budget. That's why we start our shows in seasons, typically 10 episodes total. 

It's a Team Sport

Remember all of the planning, scheduling, recording, editing, mastering, uploading, and posting we were talking about? No worries, that's what our team of producers is here for. We handle all of that and more, based on the specific needs of your show. 

Ready to work together?

Let's talk!
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